creative work 
this is a selection of projects and campaign creative
I have commissioned or directed/produced over the past few years.

Bring Me The Horizon
Spotify-influenced Merch

A dedicated website that serves up personalised T-shirts to people based on their Spotify listening data.
The site, called “amo in colour” is a reference to the band's album, amo, which was released earlier that year.

Little Mix - BRIT Awards 2019
Winner for Best Video

Social Vote Campaign

Campaign Sizzle Reel

Olly Murs
Interactive Album Sampler

BIMA Award nominated
world-first interactive album sampler

To promote Olly Murs' album '24HRS' we built an interactive album sampler that allows users to 'turn back time' and see Olly's last 24 hours, while listening to exclusive teasers from the album.
The site used cutting-edge inline video for iPhone which was a new feature in iOS10, allowing fans to switch seamlessly between the morning after and the night before – producing a simple, playful and unexpected interaction.

Bring Me The Horizon
2018-2019 Marketing Campaign

Best Music Marketing Campaigns 2018

Campaign Sizzle Reels

Interactive Live EP
👉 👈

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