Bring Me The Horizon

digital marketing
october 2019
Spotify data-driven personalised merch

Bring Me The Horizon’s ‘amo in colour’ is a unique initiative connecting streaming with physical merchandise. We built a bespoke website that analyses fans’ Spotify data and generates unique t-shirt designs, based on their listening habits. 

In a world-first initiative connecting streaming with physical merchandise, the dedicated amo in colour site used Spotify data to generate T-shirts based on fans’ listening habits. The end result is an exclusive T-shirt with a design that reflects their streaming behaviour. Those without a Spotify account are also catered for, with an option to manually input song choices to create a customised tee.

The site was developed collaboratively between RCA Records UK, 4th Floor Creative and creative agency Phantom.

🏆 Clio Awards 2020 - Silver Winner

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